VCF to Excel Converter - vCard to Xlsx

VCF to Excel Converter 1.2 – Read vCard File to Xlsx

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This is an Excel app. No installation is required. Ensure that You have Microsoft Office is installed with VBA enabled.

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Product Description

How to Use VCF to Excel Converter

Get the app from our store and use the app as explained below.

  1. Open Convert VCF to Excel App.
  2. Enable content editing & macro if requested.
  3. Type VCF file path along with its folder name.
  4. Click “Convert to Excel” command button.
  5. All contacts in VCF will be imported to this Excel Spreadsheet.

Before using this app, please transfer VCF file from Your smartphone to this PC (through USB, Wifi, Bluetooth or Email).

Ensure that you have Excel version 2003 or above.

Before buying our product, please ensure that your VCF file is handled properly by the trial version found in this link.


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